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Garlic Day
When : Always April 19th National Garlic Day promotes the many uses of Garlic. And, there certainly are many uses. It's a vegetable. Its' a herb. It is used in recipes around the world. Garlic has ben used medicinally for thousands of years. And, Garlic is believed to ward off evil spirits. About the only […]
Hanging Out Day
The future of the environment is in our hands and it´s the little actions that can make big differences. One simple way to save energy is to hang out your laundry instead of machine drying it. This idea has been diffused on Hanging Out Day since 1995, when the day was established to highlight the […]
Auctioneers Day
Some of the planet’s biggest personalities, loudest voices and quickest talkers are celebrated on Auctioneers Day. It’s a time to remember that auctioneering is one of the world’s most ancient professions, having begun more than 2,000 years ago.In fact, the very first auction was held about 500 B.C. in Babylon. The late 17th century saw […]