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Animal Cracker Day
Animal crackers went on sale as "Barnum’s Animals" in 1902, and they came in a circus train-themed box with a string so you could hang them on the Christmas tree. Source:
Record Store Day
Record Store Day is an internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the culture of the independently owned record store.[1] The day brings together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world.[2]Sparked by a comment by Bull Moose employee Chris Brown that something […]
International Jugglers Day
Learn to juggle, or if you know how then teach someone
Amateur Radio Day
Amateur Radio Day celebrates the beginings of the IARU – the International Amateur Radio Union – back in 1925. They are best recognised for their contribution to disaster relief workers in areas where communications are little to non-existent.More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
High Five Day
When : Third Saturday in April Gimme a high five. As a matter of fact, give everyone you see a High Five! The ""High Five"" is a celebratory slapping of hands atop raised arms. It's been a standard for celebration of sporting victories, special event, competitions and many other activities for decades. It's fun , […]
Pet Owners Independence Day
Fed up of going out to work every day to earn a crust, while your dog, cat, rabbit or budgie lounges around the house? Well, Pet Owners Independence Day aims to change all that. The idea of this wacky holiday is that we owners get a turn at lying on the carpet, while our fluffy […]
Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
Relax the dress code and work in comfort on Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. Don’t worry about knotting a tie, don’t confine your feet in high heels; this is the day to wear your softest, cosiest and silliest nightwear, and enjoy the luxurious freedom of lounging while earning your pay cheque. Derived from the […]