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International Pizza Cake Day
International Pizza Cake Day - a day for the world to unite around cakes that look like pizzas. Want to learn more about International Pizza Cake Day? Read ""The Tale of Gundermeaux"" (in our photos) to learn about the very first pizza cake!More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Eggs Benedict Day
Eggs Benedict Day is an excuse to have a tasty treat! Eggs Benedict is traditionally made from a halved English muffin, topped with ham (or sometimes bacon), poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce. Everybody has their own versions, variations and favourites which change and swap out pretty much all of the components, from using bread […]
Foursquare Day
Foursquare acknowledged a grass-roots effort that started in Tampa, Florida [57] in 2010 by declaring April 16 ""Foursquare Day"",[58][59] April being the 4th month and the 16th being equal to four squared.[60][61] Some cities have made official proclamations of April 16 being Foursquare Day (Istanbul, Turkey; Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Cincinnati, Ohio; Corpus Christi, Texas; […]
Save The Elephant Day
They might be wildlife icons, but, sadly, elephants are in crisis. Save The Elephant Day is a chance to show our love and support for these much-loved giants and raise awareness of the threats to their future in both Africa and Asia, ranging from ivory poachers and traffickers to loss of habitat.Also known as World […]
Bookmobile Day
Bookmobile Day is an opportunity to celebrate one of the many services offered through public libraries. Originating in the nineteenth century, the earliest bookmobiles were horse-drawn wagons filled with boxes of books. In the 1920s, Sarah Byrd Askew, a New Jersey librarian, thought reading and literacy so important that she delivered books to rural readers […]