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Empanada Day
International Bird Day
International Bird Day is a global celebration of birds. It is celebrated annually on May 4th and provides an opportunity for people around the world to learn about the importance of birds in our environment and how we can help protect them. This year's theme, "Birds in Our World", encourages everyone to appreciate the beauty […]
Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
There's no need to be a professional artist to participate in Draw a Picture of a Bird Day! This holiday is all about having fun and enjoying the process of drawing, regardless of your level of skill. So why not take some time on November 18th to sit down with some paper and pencils (or […]
International Feng Shui Awareness Day
be aware of the wood, metal, fire, earth, and wind elements around, it is good chi
All is Ours Day
When : Always April 8th All is Ours Day is is bound to be a spectacular day for...... us. Think of the concept. Imagine the possibilities. The creator of this day was absolutely brilliant. What a great day this will be. The creator of this day was absolutely brilliant. Let's dissect the meaning and intent […]
Zoo Lovers Day
Zoo Lovers Day is a great excuse to get your family together and go for a trip to see the exotic animals of the world! Zoos have a long history, bringing strange new animals from the far flung and mysterious regions of the world straight into the heart of civilization. Where else can you see prowling lions, […]