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Read a Road Map Day
This is one of the most bizarre holidays of all. However, in all its craziness, there is certain logic. Read a Road Map Day is observed on the 5th of April each year. Today, we use GPS to help us to find places. However, road maps were the essential tools of travelers in the yesteryears.This […]
National Workplace Napping Day
Eat your lunch, then tuck-in for a nice afternoon nap
Stop the Clocks Day
Imagine if time stood still today
Deep Dish Pizza Day
Pizza lovers far and wide will be making the most of Deep Dish Pizza Day. This is your holiday! But first, let us thank Pizzeria Uno’s founder Ike Sewell, without whom this day wouldn’t exist. He is credited with creating the spectacular deep dish pizza in 1943 in Chicago. This wonderfully tasty pizza, also known […]
Go For Broke Day
This might be your last chance... make it count!
Caramel Day
Caramel Day is dedicated to the rich, gooey, delicious substance made with the dark alchemy of the culinary arts. It is the known as Caramel, which is in fact born out of the rather exacting process of caramelization. The process is deceptively simple, you need merely increase the heat of sugar to a mere 170 °C […]
Tangible Karma Day
The purpose of Tangible Karma Day is for people celebrating the event to de-clutter their lives and to give to other people who are in need. Tangible Karma is a company founded by Amber Nicole Dilger in 2005 and her idea was to recycle and reuse. You can visit their website to donate goods and […]