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Corn Dog Day
Corn Dogs are a favourite in America, and commonly associated with the sport of Basketball. Corn Dogs are made by battering and frying (or sometimes baking) hotdog-style sausages on sticks. Why not celebrate Corn Dog Day by making some at home?More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Buzzards Day
The annual celebration of a bird whose circling overhead was a signal to the cowboys of old that a once living creature had met its demise seems strange to say the least. Yet, Buzzard Day is circled on the calendars of many dedicated Ohio residents who, once a year, eagerly scan the skies with binoculars […]
Goof Off Day
A chance to step back from the rigours and pressures of every-day life, Goof Off Day encourages you to take some time to be silly, waste an hour or two, and to do something a bit different!More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
As Young As You Feel Day
As Young As You Feel Day is a day for losing your inhibitions!If you are in good health, but feel restricted by how you are expected to behave, then As Young As You Feel Day is the time to rebel! We only live this life once and As Young As You Feel Day is a good […]
World Water Day
Today is to remind everybody of the extreme importance of water for maintaining the environment and increasing development in human societies