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Get a Different Name Day
Whether youâ??re having a bit of an identity crisis, or simply fancy confusing your friends, Get A Different Name Day is a chance to throw off the shackles of the norm and adopt a new name!More Details...All details taken directly from provider content at
Madly In Love With Me Day
Ladies, every year on the day before you lavish the significant other in your life with all your love, step back and prepare by focusing as much attention on yourself.Yes, you deserve every bit as much of your love as does the object of your affections.That is the concept behind Madly In Love With Me […]
Stamp Collectors Day
If you are a stamp collector review your collection, if not, start one
Tortellini Day
There's a debate on where tortellini originated, but most Italians agree its filling must include a blend of prosciutto, mortadella and Parmigiano-Reggiano. Source: