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Play God Day
Our research did not discover any information on the meaning or purpose of this day. What we do know ,is that God is good. Therefore, we believe that Play God Day is a day to do something good and extra special. To mark this day, we suggest that you do something good that will make […]
Static Electricity Day
National Static Electricity Day is celebrated on January 9th. Many people would not understand what static electricity really is and how it works. In the US, in the month of January every day is dedicated for a particular cause or an event, therefore January 9th is dedicated as the National Static Electricity Day.What is static […]
Apricot Day
Not many people know that just three apricots will provide a person with a third of your daily beta carotene needs. This is just one of the benefits of this fruit that are celebrated on Apricot Day! Apricots are also rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre.Apricots have been grown by humans for around […]