December 26th, 2023

National Candy Cane Day

Thank You Note Day

The day after Christmas is a perfect opportunity to give thanks by sending thank you notes. Celebrate Thank You Note Day by writing to friends and relatives to show your appreciation and gratitude for their festive gifts and to tell them how much you value them.

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Whiner's Day

""What do you mean, 'No holiday bonus this year?'""
""A GREEN TIE?!?  It's Uuuugly!""
What should we do?
Let's be grateful for what we do have, like friends and family this holiday season, OK?

Suggestions for Celebrating National Whiner's Day
*Visit a shopping mall or retail store and watch people ""whine"" as they return and exchange their holiday
gifts (remember, it's not only the customers who whine).
*Invite friends over, or plan a party, and call it a ""Whine and Geeze"" party!  Serve non-alcholic wine and
*Again, invite friends to a National Whiner's Day party.  In order to get in, your friends need to bring one
unwanted gift, wrapped, for a white elephant exchange.

*Hold a whining contest at home or with friends, and invite a radio or television station to broadcast the
event.  Award the winner with a funny certificate or trophy.  Make it more fun by scoring not only the
whine quality, by on the whining itself.  For example, ""Ohhhhh, mooomm.  Do I havvvvve to cleeeeean my

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