July 21st, 2022

Belgian National Day

Don't miss the troops parading in front of the Nation. It's also a chance for Belgians to reassert their national identity on 21 July!

In Brussels there'll be a varied programme of festivities, from the Place du Jeu de Balle to Brussels Park, taking in the various districts of Brussels.

On the evening before, there's the traditional National Ball which gets the celebrations started with concerts by Belgian artists, majorettes and zinneke hosts enlivening the Marolles area.

On 21 July, from Brussels Park to the Place Poelaert, you can enjoy concerts, demonstrations, tastings and sporting events all set up in the form of trails and villages...

And as for the other areas of Brussels, well they won't be outdone either!

In fact, international music concerts and cultural activities will also be taking place throughout...and to close the day's festivities is the much anticipated firework display at the place des Palais.

Junk Food Day

Sometimes, the idea of being healthy, preparing a balanced meal, and snacking on carrot sticks isn’t too appealing. Junk Food Day is all about satisfying your cravings for something naughtier, greasier, and definitely more fattening than the nutritional but not-very-exciting meal you know that you really should be eating.

More Details...
All details taken directly from provider content at http://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/junk-food-day/

National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day

Call-up some friends and get pullin' to see which team wins


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