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Junk Food Day

NATIONAL JUNK FOOD DAY – July 21 | National Day Calendar
Each year on July 21st we observe National Junk Food Day. This day is dedicated to the foods that everyone loves to snack on. Junk foods by definition are ...
Junk Food Day | Days Of The Year
Junk foods are usually, by definition, high in fats, sugars, salt, and calories. But more often than not, they are delicious! Junk food day is the perfect day to treat ...
Fun Holiday – Junk Food Day - TimeAndDate.com
Celebrate this day by guiltlessly consuming junk food.
National Junk Food Day – July 21 | National Today
Jul 21, 2017 - Have you ever wished for a day where you can eat absolutely anything you want? Well that day is today. National Junk Food Day is celebrated ...
National Junk Food Day, July 21 at Holiday Insights
For some of us, every day is Junk Food Day. For the rest of us, National Junk Food Day is an opportunity to guiltlessly eat your favorite junk food. Dietitians will ...
National Junk Food Day - Punchbowl
Learn more about National Junk Food Day, celebrated on July 21.

National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day

National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com
National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day is observed next on Saturday, July 21st, 2018. It has always been observed annually on July 21st.
July 21: National Tug of War Tournament Day | A Year of Holidays
Jul 21, 2012 - July 21: National Tug of War Tournament Day. Split into two teams, and the last one standing wins! July 21 is National Tug of War Tournament Day, and there's only one way to celebrate: play tug of war!
Tug of War Day - February 19 | National Today
Feb 19, 2018 - Tug of War Day – February 19. If your only introduction to the game of tug of war was at summer camp or in elementary school, you are in desperate need to celebrate Tug of War Day on February 19. Tug of war has grown up from the days of your youth.
National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day 2018 | When is National Tug-Of ...
See here National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day dates in 2018, National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day 2018 calendar and the number of the remaining days.
Welcome to USATOWA
United States of America Tug of War Association 1(800)TUG-O-WAR ... Competitive tug-of-war tournament planned for Madison over Labor Day weekend
National Tug-of-War Tournament Day - July 21st from MPG
Let's start lining up ... We need 2 captains and 2 good team names - go! (please don't pick me last - I will be crushed with insecurity and then retaliate by ...

Belgian National Day

Belgian National Day - Wikipedia
Belgian National Day (Dutch: Nationale feestdag van België; French: Fête nationale belge; German: Belgischer Nationalfeiertag) is the national holiday of Belgium celebrated on 21 July each year. It is one of ten public holidays in Belgium.
Why is Belgium's National Day on 21 July?
Jul 21, 2017 - Originally, Belgian National Day was celebrated on 27 September as the commemoration of the Dutch military's final withdrawal from Brussels ...
21 July: Belgium's National Day! | Visit Brussels
Of course you could follow Belgium's national day celebrations on the TV from the comfort of your armchair. But there's no way it can compare to being part of the ...
National Day in the Park | City of Brussels
National Day in the Park. On Saturday 21 July 2018, from 10 am, a big popular feast between the Parc de Bruxelles and the Place Poelaert in honour of the National Day. July 21st is the Belgian National Holiday.
Independence Day 2018 | Belgian Holidays | Office Holidays
This national holiday is celebrated annually on 21 July. Independence Day celebrates the separation of Belgium from the Netherlands in 1831, as well as the formal establishment of the Kingdom.
Belgian National Day: Calendar, History, facts, when is date, things to do
Belgian National Day celebrates the birth of the Belgian nation, Belgian culture and pride and Belgium's independence from the Netherlands. On July 21, 1831, ...