June 23rd, 2023

Let It Go Day

You know those nagging regrets and grudges that tug at your soul weeks, months or even years after the people, jobs or situations which once made them important ceased to be part of your life? Yes, there was a time when you felt you had to take every opportunity to demonstrate to your ex, you former workmates or classmates how well you were doing without them but isn’t it finally time to move on and let go of the negative emotion pulling you down.

That is exactly what Let It Go Day is all about; a national day when you know you are not in taking the brave step to cast away all those hang-ups from a previous chapter in your life.  Let It Go Day is the perfect occasion to stop wasting your energy on negative feelings from the past and instead focus on building yourself a positive future.

Let It Go Day is a day to celebrate freedom and liberation. On Let It Go Day, we let go of our grudges, resentments, and negative thoughts. We let go of our fears and doubts. We let go of our worries and concerns. We let go of our judgments and criticisms. And we simply let go!

On Let It Go Day, we focus on the present moment and enjoy the moment for what it is. We savor the experience without any attachments or expectations. This allows us to be free from judgment, criticism,and comparison. And it allows us to simply be ourselves!

So on Let It Go Day, take a deep breath and relax into the present moment! Release your burdensome thoughts and just LET GO!

Pink Day

Pink Day encourages everybody to wear at least a little bit of pink – guys included! You don’t have to dressed up like a princess to enjoy pink – why not start by trying pink in moderation, and taking it from there? Go for a pink shirt, pink socks, perhaps… After all, it’s just for one day!

A day to celebrate all things pink! This includes, but is not limited to, the color pink, hearts, flowers and anything else that is generally considered "girly." Some people may think that it's a day just for girls, but that's not true! Boys can enjoy all things pink too!

One great way to celebrate Pink Day is by wearing something pink. You can wear a shirt, skirt or pants in the color pink. If you don't have anything in your closet that's pink, then why not go shopping? There are plenty of stores that sell clothes and accessories in different shades of pink. Another option would be to make or buy something special for Pink Day. How about a heart-shaped necklace or bracelet? Or maybe you could make a big poster with lots of different shades of pinks on it!

If you're looking for ways to show your love for everything pink on June 23rd, there are plenty of ideas out there! Just use your imagination and have fun with it!


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