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National Juggling Day

International Jugglers Day and World Juggler's Day at Holiday Insights
International Jugglers Day and World Juggler's Day celebrates the skill of juggling, and those talented people who can juggle many balls and objects at a time. ... The best jugglers can juggle up to ten balls at a time. ... According to Juggler James Reid: "World Juggling Day was ...
World Juggling Day - International Jugglers' Association
Jun 15, 2018 - On World Juggling Day, June 16th, jugglers around the world will unite to celebrate the joy of juggling! Register your event or find an event near ...
World Juggling Day | Days Of The Year
World Juggling day was established by the International Juggler's Association, and is dedicated to preserving and spreading the history of the art of juggling.
Fun Holiday – World Juggling Day - Time and Date
World Juggling Day is held annually on a Saturday closest to June 17 to commemorate the anniversary of the foundation of the International Jugglers ...
World Juggling Day 2018 - IJA - Facebook
Event by International Jugglers' Association - IJA on Saturday, June 16 2018 with 233 people interested and 184 people going. 26 posts in the discussion.
Learn how to juggle on International Juggler's Day | Explore - CBC.ca
It's International Juggler's Day so why not see if you can learn to juggle?

National Lobster Day

NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY – September 25 | National Day Calendar
National Lobster Day is observed each year on September 25th. The simplest way to enjoy Lobster is boiled then dipped in melted butter. A couple of favorite ...
NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY - September 25, 2019 | National Today
Lobster is now considered a fine delicacy throughout most of the world. On National Lobster Day sink your teeth into a delicious lobster dish.
Senate Once Again Approves September 25 as National Lobster Day
Jul 31, 2018 - Senators King and Collins have successfully submitted a resolution for September 25, 2018 to be dubbed as National Lobster Day — not to be ...
Senate Recognizes September 25th as National Lobster Day for 4th ...
Sep 25, 2018 - Senate Recognizes September 25th as National Lobster Day for 4th Straight Year SEAFOODNEWS.COM [SeafoodNews] - September 25, 2018 National Lobster Day is here – again! Although some celebrate on June 15, the U.S. Senate has recognized September 25 as the official National Lobster Day for the fourth year in a row.
National Lobster Day - Punchbowl
Today is National Lobster Day! Did you know that lobster was once considered peasant food? In the 1800s, lobsters were incredibly plentiful and New ...
Go to Philly Locations for National Lobster Day! | Punch Media
12 June 2018— Friday is National Lobster Day but you don't have to travel to New England or even the Jersey Shore to celebrate. Check out the drool-worthy ...

International Puzzle Day

NATIONAL PUZZLE DAY – January 29 | National Day Calendar
Exercise your problem brain with a puzzle. January 29th is National Puzzle Day. Whether it's a crossword, jigsaw, trivia, word searches, brain teasers or Soduku, ...
National Puzzle Day
Happy National Puzzle Day 2019! This is held every year on January 29, 2019, is a celebration. It's an opportunity to reflect on those puzzles, games and even ...
Puzzle Day | Days Of The Year
[Every January 29th] With the advent of digital entertainment, the common puzzle may be falling by the wayside. Puzzle Day is your chance to go back to basics; ...
International Puzzle Day - Playground Professionals
Jan 24, 2014 - International Puzzle Day is celebrated on January 29. It was created in 1995 by game companies in the United States. On International Puzzle ...
International Puzzle Day | July 13 | KeepIn Calendar
Jul 13, 2018 - International Puzzle Day celebrates the birth of Dr. Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik's Cube. Rubik was born on July 13, 1944 in Budapest, ...
Puzzle Day in 2019/2020 - When, Where, Why, How is Celebrated?
Puzzle Day is a nonofficial holiday which is celebrated on January 29th every year. On this day, people try out their favorite puzzles and this holiday doesn't ...

Sewing Machine Day

NATIONAL SEWING MACHINE DAY – June 13 | National Day Calendar
NATIONAL SEWING MACHINE DAY. Observed annually on June 13 is National Sewing Machine Day. This day honors the invention of the sewing machine. ... Skilled cabinet-maker and English inventor, Thomas Saint, received the first patent for a design of a sewing machine in 1790.
Sewing Machine Day | Days Of The Year
Learn about Sewing Machine Day. Long ago, when mankind first started working with fibers to produce clothing, things were long and arduous. Fiber had to be ...
NATIONAL SEWING MACHINE DAY - June 13, 2019 | National Today
Time to wind your bobbins, June 13 is National Sewing Machine Day! We've got some creative ways to help you celebrate.
Sewing Machine Day - Punchbowl
Thomas Saint patented the first sewing machine in 1790. Learn more about Sewing Machine Day, celebrated on June 13.
Sewing Machine Day 2019 - National Awareness Days Events ...
How many of you have heard of National Sewing Machine Day? We'd put money on there only being a few. Who is responsible for creating this unusual day?
Fun Holiday – Sewing Machine Day - Time and Date
Jun 13, 2015 - Celebrate the humble sewing machine on this special holiday.

Gin Day

World Gin Day – Saturday 8 June 2019
World Gin Day is a global celebration of all things gin, on the second Saturday in June organised by everyone's favourite gin swigging primate: Gin Monkey.
About – World Gin Day
to celebrate and enjoy gin! Whether you're already a fan of the juniper spirit, or looking for an intro, World Gin Day is the perfect opportunity to get involved.
World Gin Day | Days Of The Year
Learn about World Gin Day. Distilled spirits have been with us for a very long time, and all of them have rich histories covering the sometimes mysterious origins ...
World Gin Day Festival - DrinkUp.London
World Gin Day Festival is the first global amplification of the World Gin Day event; a five-day festival dedicated to celebrating gin across the capital. Just.
When is World Gin Day 2018? Here's everything you need to know ...
Feb 1, 2018 - If there's one day in the gin calendar we look forward to it's World Gin Day. Each year, gin-related events run all across the country. These have ...
World Gin Day 2018 - Gin activities in and around London - Gin Foundry
Jun 5, 2018 - Since emerging from its most humble origins some 10 years ago, World Gin Day has grown to be more than just a one day event. It's become a ...