June 4th, 2023

Old Maid's Day

Still haven't found "Mr. Right"? Are the years are beginning to pile up? Don't worry or fret. This day is for you. Old Maid's Day brings awareness to those of us who have not yet found (and caught) our soul mates.

Old Maid's Day exists to put into the spotlight all of the fair maidens who have yet to find their Prince Charming.

Ladies, celebrate Old Maids Day by getting out and getting noticed. Guys, open your eyes.... "Mrs. Right" may be right under your nose.

Old Maids Day is a day to celebrate all the amazing old maids in the world! These strong and independent women have overcome many obstacles and deserve to be recognized.

Despite what some may think, being an old maid is not a bad thing. These women are often successful and accomplished in their own right. They are often proud of their independence, and they should be!

So this Old Maids Day, let's all take a moment to celebrate these amazing ladies. Thank them for everything they've done for us, and let them know how much we appreciate them!

Another Cheese Day

Another Cheese Day is a holiday that celebrates all things cheese. It's a day to eat as much cheese as possible, learn about different types of cheese, and enjoy cheesy activities.

Cheese is one of the oldest foods in the world, and there are many different types of it. From cheddar to brie, there's something for everyone. On Another Cheese Day, try out some new kinds of cheese that you've never had before. You may be surprised by how delicious they are!

There are also plenty of fun activities that you can do on Another Cheese Day. Make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or dinner, go on a cheesy scavenger hunt, or watch your favorite cheesy movie. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy lots and lots of cheese!

Hug Your Cat Day

Hug Your Cat Day is one of those pleasingly straightforward holidays. Quite simply, it is a day in which cat owners everywhere are encouraged to hug their cats. The more dedicated amongst them will not need this encouragement, of course, but it is always good to be reminded of our feline friends.

The obvious downside to the day as that people without cats may be left out. This need not be the case, however – it should be straightforward enough to simply adapt it into “Hug Someone Else’s Cat Day”.

So, whether or not you are the proud housemate of a purring kitty, Hug Your Cat Day is the perfect excuse to put a bit of warmth and companionship into your life. No matter what’s going on around you, no matter how bad or troubling things get, you can always count on your furry friend to be there for you.

Hug You Cat today! Meoh!

Clean Air Day

Every day is a good day to appreciate clean air, but on Clean Air Day we take extra time to recognize the importance of clean air and how we can all help keep our air clean. 
The first step is understanding why it's important. Our planet's health depends on healthy air, and when our air is polluted it can cause serious health problems for people, plants, and animals.

We can all do our part to reduce pollution by making small changes in the way we live: driving less, walking or biking more; using public transportation or carpooling; turning off electronics when they're not in use; composting food waste instead of throwing it away; recycling paper, plastic and metal products.  These are just a few examples - there are many more ways we can help!

Another important way to protect our environment is by supporting laws that protect clean air resources. You can learn about these laws and how you can get involved at www.airnow.gov . We need everyone’s support to keep our planet healthy for generations to come!


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