June 2nd, 2023

Leave The Office Early Day

Leave The Office Earlier Day was the invention of Laura Stack, a specialist in (amongst other things) employee productivity.

Time is money, as the saying goes, and the quicker things get done, at optimal levels, the more productive (and profitable) a business will be.

The nature of work is that, for the most part, employees would rather be somewhere else, doing something else, and this can lead to distraction which results in lower productivity.

The interminable working day can prove disheartening, acting as a demotivational factor, causing employees to work at a sluggish pace to match the snail’s pace of the clock.

Inflexible working hours set in stone can turn any hare into a tortoise, and although the latter won the proverbial race, the former would have achieved the same in less time had it only applied itself to the task.

Leave the Office Earlier Day is an incentive for employees to complete tasks before schedule, increasing efficiency and productivity with an incentive to go home sooner.

The early exit of the workplace acts as a carrot, compelling the employee to complete tasks to maximum potential in minimum time, reducing levels of idleness amongst workers.

The increase in productivity may transfer itself to other days of the week, where more can be achieved within the confines of a conventional working day.

This managerial strategy is beneficial to both employees and employers, a win win situation for both parties, and holds true to the theory that happy workers are more efficient and productive workers, responding better to positive rather than negative reinforcement.

Leave The Office Earlier Day can result in a sense of commonality between the stratified workforce, reminding everyone that they are in the same boat and striving towards a common goal.

Both employer and employee would be happy to see the end of the working day, after all, to leave the office environment and return to their own lives.

The effect is to create a sense of empathy between co-workers, whatever position they occupy in the workplace hierarchy, which leads to greater co-operation. Higher levels of co-operation in the workplace may lead to increased productivity.

More work done in less time is beneficial to the business seeking private gain, or to society or humanity at large, and Leave The Office Earlier Day is another chapter in the quest for maximum productivity that is as old as human industry itself.

Bubba Day

National Bubba Day honors anyone named or called Bubba. To qualify to be honored today, your name can be formally, or informally "Bubba". You can even take on the name "Bubba" for just the day. That way everyone can celebrate this day.

There's a lot of ways to celebrate National Bubba Day. Acting like a "Bubba" is your starting point. Cards, parties and other celebrations are definitely in order. Gift giving is optional.

Did you Know? Bubba is the Yiddish word for grandmother

Famous Bubba: A character in the movie Forrest Gump made the name "Bubba" infamous.


Rocky Road Day

National Rocky Road Day is all about eating ice cream...... specifically Rocky Road ice cream.

Rocky Road Day is a special day to celebrate all things rocky road! This delicious flavor combination of chocolate, nuts, and marshmallows has been around for generations, and there’s no reason to stop enjoying it now.

There are many ways to celebrate Rocky Road Day. You could make your own rocky road ice cream or cake, or you could buy some from your favorite store. No matter how you choose to enjoy it, make sure to savor every bite!

Rocky Road Day is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family and enjoy this classic flavor. Whether you’re young or old, everyone can appreciate the deliciousness that is Rocky Road!


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