May 29th, 2023

International Jazz Day

End Of The Middle Ages Day

The middle ages ended long ago, and we're glad they did, so lets celebrate

Learn About Composting Day

Compost is an eco-friendly, cheap and effective option for fertilising your garden, plants and crops. Learn About Composting Day encourages you to explore the world of composting, and to identify all of the different types of household waste that can contribute to your composting efforts.

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Biscuit Day

Calling all smart cookies! Biscuit Day offers the perfect chance to go crackers about one of the world’s most popular snacks. But did you realise just how many types of biscuit there are?

American biscuits are small crusty bread rolls, often served at breakfast or as a side dish. However, in the UK, the word “biscuit” is used for flat sweet treats which are known as “cookies” in the US. One of the most unusual traditional British varieties is the Garibaldi. Also known as the “squashed fly biscuit”, it contains currants in between two layers of dough.

There are few crumbs of information about just how Biscuit Day started, but that’s no reason to miss out on the celebrations. So bake up a treat for friends and family, or just settle down with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy one of your favourite varieties.

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Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day

Your pillow brings you comfort every night but youâ??ve probably been frustrated at how this resource is often wastefully ignored throughout each day. However, during Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day you can make sure your pillow is working all day to bring you prosperity and good fortune.

Before the invention of refrigerators in the 1920s, people in Europe and the USA would put cloth in their larder for good luck once a year. Food storage habits have changed since then, putting the future of this fine tradition in doubt. However, this event has survived the scare and is back stronger than ever. All you need to do is place a pillow on your fridge on the correct day. The observant among you may notice that the true equivalent of the old tradition would be to put a pillow inside your fridge. Perhaps try both to make sure you donâ??t miss out on any of that luck!

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