March 11th, 2022

Worship of Tools Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 11th

There are few things that the male population worships more than his tools. To some, a tool is a natural extension of their arm. So, Worship of Tools Day is a logical day of celebration. And, it's definitely a guy thing. Please note however, there are more than a few ladies who love to work with their hands, and find today to be an important holiday.

Need a birthday or Christmas gift idea for one of the ""boys"" in the family?  You're never lacking for tool ideas when you visit the local hardware store.

Celebrate today by working with tools, and buying a tool or two. Receiving a tool as a gift today, makes this truely a special day.

Song of the Day: If I  Had a Hammer

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Middle Name Pride Day

Whether it be Horton, Eunice, or that special family name that’s been passed down for the last five generations, your middle name is part of defining who you are, and where you fit in your own family. Celebrate your middle name in all its guts, glory and finery on Middle Name Pride Day!

It may embarrass you, it may describe your personality in some way, or it may be something you actually like and appreciate. Whatever your middle name is, today is the day for you to write it down, share it with someone, or shout it out with pride. After all, your full name is part of who you are – and your middle name was chosen by your parents or loved ones as a way to link your whole name together. It is special, no matter how cringy, and deserves its place in the limelight!

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World Plumbing Day

Get under the sink and fix those u-bends today.

Nametag Day

Put on a nametag today and write any name you want on it

National Johnny Appleseed Day


March 11th, we celebrate National Johnny Appleseed Day.  This is the day that we honor the legend of Johnny Appleseed and his kind, generous and interesting life that we have learned of.
â?John Chapman (September 26, 1774 â?? March 18, 1845) was an American pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to large parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, including the northern counties of present day West Virginia.â? (Wikipedia)

Johnny was a settler that followed the movement and traveled west.  As Johnny Appleseed traveled, he planted apple trees along the way.  He would tell stories to the children and spread The New Church gospel to the adults, receiving a floor to sleep on for the night. Johnny Appleseed also had a great love for animals.    Because of his kindness, his generous ways, his leadership in conservation and the symbolic importance he attributed to apples, he became an American legend while he was still alive.

Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated on either March 11th or September 26th.  The September date is Appleseedâ??s acknowledged birthdate. whereas the March date is sometimes preferred because it is during planting season.  There is also some controversy and vagueness concerning the date of Appleseedâ??s death and his burial.
 National Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated in many elementary schools across the country.
Our Research was unable to find the creator of National Johnny Appleseed Day, an â??unofficialâ? national holiday.

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Oatmeal Nut Waffle Day

It’s hard to imagine a heartier — or more oddly specific! — breakfast treat than oatmeal nut waffles. But we’ll try with a collection of our favorite morning rib-stickers.



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