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Chocolate Mint Day

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE MINT DAY – February 19 | National Day ...
Recognized by the US National Confectioners Association, National Chocolate Mint Day is observed annually across the nation on February 19th. This holiday ...
Fun Holiday – Chocolate Mint Day - Time and Date
So, it is only fair that the United States National Confectioners Association has declared February 19 to be Chocolate Mint Day in honor of this hugely popular ...
Chocolate Mint Day | Days Of The Year
[Every February 19th] There's something special about the combination of smooth, rich, luxurious chocolate and cool, refreshing, sharp mint. Celebrate this ...
Chocolate Mint Day - Punchbowl
Feb 19, 2019 - Learn more about Chocolate Mint Day celebrated on February 19.
National Chocolate Mint Day, February 19, at Holiday Insights
Feb 19, 2006 - Chocolate Mint Day celebrates anything and everything that is chocolate mint flavored.
Happy National Chocolate Mint Day! - The Nutty Scoop from Nuts.com
Did you know it was National Chocolate Mint Day? We're celebrating with a list of some of our favorite mint chocolate products.

International Tug-of-War Day

International Tug-of-War Day | Days Of The Year
Feb 19, 2014 - Learn about International Tug-of-War Day. One of the simplest of sports, dating back to ownership disputes over food and clothing, the history ...
International Tug-of-War Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com
International Tug-of-War Day is observed next on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020. It has always been observed annually on February 19th.
TUG OF WAR DAY - February 19, 2019 | National Today
Tug of war has grown up from the days of your youth. In addition to having its own holiday, tug of war has national and international federations that sponsor ...
International Tug of War Day - February 19, 2019 | Happy Days 365
Feb 19, 2019 - Happy International Tug of War Day 2019, International Tug of War Day is celebrated on February 19 of every year, Founder of International ...
Events – Tugofwar
Read more. 2020 TTV Bison International Club Tournament- Bison, Netherlands July 2020 ... Sins Switzerland 50 Year International Club Tournament May 2022.
... end, we reflect with thankfulness and appreciation on the tug of war activities and ... As an International Federation our mission is to provide the structure and ...