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Lame Duck Day

NATIONAL LAME DUCK DAY – February 6 | National Day Calendar
On February 6 National Lame Duck Day recognizes the ratification of the 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution or the Lame Duck Amendment.
Lame Duck Day | Days Of The Year
Feb 6, 2018 - [Every February 6th] Even a lame-duck president can be affected by a clear midterm message if he wants to see his vice president elected and ...
Fun Holiday – Lame Duck Day - TimeAndDate.com
Lame Duck Day celebrates and honors all those who are on their way out from a job.
Lame Duck Day – National Whatever Day
Lame Duck Day is celebrated on February 6th of each year in remembrance of the Twentieth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment ...
Lame Duck Day, February 6, at Holiday Insights
Feb 6, 2006 - Lame Duck Day recognizes people whose tenure in a position is running out.
Lame Duck Day | February 6 | KeepIn Calendar
A lame duck is an elected official who is approaching the end of his or her tenure, and especially an official whose successor has already been elected.

Frozen Yogurt Day

Frozen Yogurt Day | Days Of The Year
Feb 6, 2018 - “Frozen yogurt is tastier than ice cream,” – Richelle E. Goodrich. You know what makes every day better? A big old scoop of ice cream, you ...
NATIONAL FROZEN YOGURT DAY – February 6 | National Day ...
National Frozen Yogurt Day is observed annually on February 6th. Frozen yogurt sales are increasing every year as people want a healthier alternative to ice ...
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Feb 2, 2018 - National Frozen Yogurt Day 2018 occurs on Tuesday, February 6. While it might be a bit chilly out in many American states to enjoy this frozen ...
Score free frozen yogurt on National Frozen Yogurt Day - TODAY.com
Feb 6, 2018 - Whether you like it fresh and fruity, or topped with candy and chocolate, frozen yogurt is still one of America's favorite frozen treats.
National Frozen Yogurt Day - Punchbowl
Feb 6, 2018 - Celebrate National Frozen Yogurt Day! Originally, the health-conscious trend of the 1970s spurred the creation of this frozen treat. However ...
15 National Frozen Yogurt Day Deals and Freebies | GOBankingRates
Feb 1, 2018 - It might still be winter, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying a frosty treat on National Frozen Yogurt Day, Feb. 6. This sweet extravagance ...