January 11th, 2022

Coming of Age Day


Coming of Age Day is celebrated in the month of January which falls on the second Monday of the month. This day is celebrated as a national holiday, especially for those people who have just stepped into adulthood. This day is special for every person as they move one step ahead of being a responsible member of the society. Earlier the Coming of Age Day was celebrated on January 15th but later in 2000 it was revised to the second Monday of January.

There is a special ceremony hosted by the municipal government of Japan on the Coming of Age Day for adults who have turned 20 years old. In Japan if a person is 20 years old, he/she is known to be an adult. People who have just turned twenty have the right to vote, they are also permitted to smoke and drink. Other than these things, this age is full of responsibilities as well; therefore in the Japanese culture this age is given a lot of importance. It is like stepping into a more realistic world and facing different situations.

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International Thank You Day

Be sure to say thank you all day today

Secret Pal Day

January 11th is the date when people celebrate Secret Pal Day all over the world. This is a very special day for all friends as there is nothing more precious than having a true friend. Therefore, value your friends and feel lucky to be blessed with good friends in your life.

Though the origin of Secret Pal Day is still not known, January 11th is declared world wide as this day. There are many activities that a person can do for friends. One can organize a party or just gift something to your friend. Below are a few Secret Pal Day ideas:

Secret Pal Day Ideas

Baking a Gift- If you are looking to surprise your secret pal then you can try gifting something baked. You can make cookies in the shape of a heart coated with sugar. This is made of dough and to make it look attractive you can add some pink food color. You can also give different shapes to it like heart, circle or square. The cookies can also be coated with chocolate and cream. Get some colorful papers and gift wrap them. Place the colorful cookies in a basket and gift it to your friend.

There is nothing better than seeing your secret pal delighted and happy. This is a great gift that you can give to a friend. So sit back and enjoy with your friend.

Be Creative- It’s time to be a little more creative. If you like painting or sculptures then gift your secret pal with one of them. You can pick anything from a card or just use your imagination to paint. Painting doesn’t mean you do it only on paper; it can be done on any object like a t-shirt, pot, and shoes. This for sure your friend would treasure and remember it. You can choose bright colors to paint.  

Other creative things like knitting, craft work or stitching can also be gifted to your secret pal. You can also decorate a mug or a photo frame with paper flowers and glitter. If you sit back and think, you can come up with many ideas to make your secret pal day special.

Candy Crafts

Candy craft can be a very exciting thing to do. You can buy candies and decorate them in different shapes. Take a hard board and after wrapping the candies in colorful paper, hang then on the board. Along with it, stick some paper flowers, hearts and ribbons.

Another idea is to purchase scented candles. Wrap them with silver and gold strings. One can also stick small metal stars and hearts on it. Even ribbons can be tied around it to make it look good.

If you and your secret pal want to have fun, then plan a party or a picnic. These small things are always a pleasant surprise. Make January 11th as one of your most memorable day and cherish every moment with your secret pal by celebrating the Secret Pal Day for you and your friend.

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Clean Off Your Desk Day

Clean Off Your Desk Day heralds the beginning of some serious spring cleaning. Do you really need all that junk, old paperwork and mess on your desk? If the answer’s no, take the opportunity to do a little tidying!

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Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day

Why January 11th?

There is a controversy among some MorseCode operators on who actually created the code: Samuel Morse or AlfredVail.  So, in order to not offend either side, I've chosen the dateof January 11, because on January 11, 1838  both Morse and Vail didthe first public demonstration of the electric telegraph together.

What's The Purpose?

As of 2007, Morse Code is no longer arequirement in order to get a Ham Radio license.
There is concern that within 50 years or so, this form of communicationwill die off due to more modern technology replacing it and those that docurrently know it, are mostly older and the newer generation isn'tlearning it to keep it going, once they pass on.

So, to help stir up some interest in Morse Code, Ithought I'd start this observance to get people of all ages to try to atleast learn their name in Morse Code.    It's not thathard. And, you do not have to do it at the speed of lightning like the oldtimers do.  (I can't even do that!) But it is a lot of fun. And, there are different style of keys to use also.

How Do I Celebrate?

It's really simple.  Just scroll down alittle on this page and look at our Morse Code Chart and see the lettersof your name.  Then figure out the dits and dahs that make up yourname and see what it looks like.  (Although Morse Code is a soundcommunication not a visual one per se.)

We also have a Morse Code translator below  for you to type in yourname and then hear what your name sounds like in dits and dahs.

But, the best way to celebrate, ""Learn Your Name In Morse CodeDay""  is to contact your local Ham Radio Club andperhaps someone can show you how your name sounds and teach  you howto send it on a key.

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Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day

Feeling mischievous? Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day gives you an excuse to have some fun or even get revenge by jumping in puddles and splashing your friends (pretty self-explanatory). Don’t forget to wear wellies!

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Hot Toddy Day

The history of hot toddies is as murky as the libation itself, but folks have always considered it equal parts cocktail and restorative.


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