Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Although it has been rumored that Clean Your Refrigerator Day was started by the Whirlpool Corporation, the origin of this event is lost in the mists of time. The day is a great reminder though, that, to function effectively, our kitchen appliances should be cleaned out once in a while.

Refrigerators can be one of those kitchen appliances that are taken for granted. They keep food cool and prevent it from spoiling. We only notice them when they fail to work or if a foul smell starts emanating from the interior every time we open the door. Food we bought weeks ago can be lurking in the back, uneaten.

So, don your rubber gloves, fill that bucket with warm water and get cleaning. It won’t take long. In fact, a couple of hours will probably do it. The ‘fridge doesn’t even have to be turned off. You’ll thank yourself later.

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