Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

Increase Your Psychic Powers Day

When : Always October 31st

Increase Your Psychic Powers Day is today. Go ahead and guess, errr read my mind....if you can.

I'm thinking of a number from one to ten. Okay, take a guess.......what number is it??

Nope, it's ten. Sure, I fooled you. But, if you truely have psychic powers, you would know I was up to something.

The reason for this little exercise(above), was to show you that you need to improve upon your psychic powers. And, today is ""the"" day to increase your psychic powers.

Now, let's get on to ""How"" you can increase your psychic powers. There are a number of ways. And, there is no shortage of psychics, groups and websites to help you.

Here are a few ways, to improve your psychic capabilities:

  • Get out the Ouija board. Use it with some friends.
  •  Practice makes perfect. Get out a deck of cards. Shuffle them well. Think of what the top card is. Then, turn it over. Keep going.
  • Flip of the coin, too. Guess heads or tails while the coin is in the air. As your psychic power increases, you should guess correctly more than 50% of the time.
  • Hone your ESP skills - When the phone rings, guess who it will be. As you go through the day, guess what people are going to say, or what is going to happen next.

Tip: Concentrating and clearing your mind of other thoughts, is essential to successfully developing your psychic powers.

I'm getting a reading in my mind that you will have a happy and fun filled  Increase Your Psychic Powers Day.

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