Catfish Day

catfish in body of water

Catfish Day

June 25th is Catfish Day, a celebration of one of the most popular freshwater fish species in the world. This holiday honors the culinary versatility, cultural significance, and ecological importance of catfish.


For centuries, catfish have been a staple food source and cultural symbol in many regions, particularly in the southern United States. Indigenous peoples and early settlers relied on catfish as a reliable source of protein, and their popularity continues to this day.

Interesting Facts

  • Catfish are known for their distinctive whisker-like barbels, which they use to sense their environment and locate prey in murky waters.
  • There are hundreds of species of catfish found in freshwater habitats around the world, with variations in size, color, and behavior. Some species, such as the channel catfish and blue catfish, are prized for their flavor and are commonly caught for sport and commercial fishing.
  • Catfish are a versatile ingredient in culinary traditions worldwide, with popular dishes including fried catfish, catfish stew, and catfish po'boys. They are also used in aquaculture for their rapid growth and resilience in captivity.
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