Hoagie Day

Hoagie Day

When: Always on May 5th

National Hoagie Day was created to give us a special day to enjoy and celebrate a big, tasty hoagie.You know of this big sandwich as a hoagie, a sub or a hero. And, it's a regular on most diets in America. People eat them for lunch, dinner, and even as a late night snack. It's a quick meal or people on the go.

The popularity of the Hoagie sub is partly due to the diversity and variety of its contents. It can be hot or cold, luncheon meat or meatballs, and will contain o cheese, or any of a variety of cheeses. Then, the fun begins as you pile on any number and combinations of extras.

Celebrate National Hoagie Day by eating a Hoagie for at least one meal or a snack. Make or buy your favorite hoagie. Or, be adventurous and try a new combination.

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