Oatmeal Cookie Day

Oatmeal Cookie Day

Although no record seems to exist regarding the origins of Oatmeal Cookie Day, the Internet is filled with evidence that it is a genuine celebration of what is considered to be the healthiest cookie of all.

Oatcakes have been relied on to deliver quick boosts of energy since the middle ages and though recipes are today far more elaborate and tasty, oatmeal cookies are still trusted to supply a healthy dose of fibre and iron. Oatmeal Cookie Day is also trusted to flood the internet with fresh ideas for baking enthusiasts on how to best serve up the humble oat flake.

First cultivated thousands of years ago and eaten as a type of porridge, oatmeal is now dressed in the finest of fruits, nuts, candies and spices to reign supreme in cookie jars around the world. Oatmeal Cookie Day is a fitting tribute to the taste and versatility of oats.

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