Smoke and Mirrors Day

Smoke and Mirrors Day

Deceit! Deception! Celebrate these and all other types of trickery with Smoke And Mirrors Day, the festival dedicated to the art of fraudulent cunning.

The phrase “It’s all smoke and mirrors’ refers to the way in which magicians use all manner of distraction to make sure the audience fails to see what’s really going on. The more complex the artifice, the more successfully the magician will get away with it. The most obvious example of smoke and mirrors is ‘Legalese’, that incredibly convoluted language that lawyers use to make sure that no-one else understands what’s happening. Politicians have been known to try that sort of thing too.

How best to celebrate this auspicious day? Go back to its roots! Try a bit of magic. There are lots of easy magic tricks that will amaze your friends. Or, just see how quickly you can make a piece of cake disappear!

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