Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Absolutely Incredible Kids Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 15th

Sure, your kid is pretty good. But, my kid is absolutely incredible! As a matter of fact, all of my kids are absolutely incredible. As a parent, I am going to take full advantage of being the author of this page to exercise my bragging rights, and to let you know that my kids are absolutely incredible. (Wow! That felt pretty good.)

If the paragraph above doesn't give you a good impression of the meaning and purpose of this day, then you probably don't have kids...yet. When those offspring do arrive, you will most certainly use this special  day to profess how incredible your kids are. Amazingly, tomorrow they go back to being brats.

Did you Know? ""Kids"" are baby goats. Does that mean this day is really about incredible goats!? .......Nah!

Celebrate today by letting your kids know how good they are, and how much you love them.

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