Learn About Butterflies Day

Learn About Butterflies Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 14th

Today is Learn About Butterflies Day. It is fun day, because everyone likes butterflies.

When we first heard about this special day, we thought...Oh, how cool! Butterflies are neat and fun to watch, flittering about the yard during the summer months.

But, then we thought: Why hold Learn About Butterflies Day in March? There's logic to this. As we approach summer, we get outdoors and become busy with all of the activities of summer. It's far better to do a little learning in the winter, so we are prepared to better appreciate these colorful, winged creatures, as they re-appear in our backyards. 

In keeping with the spirit of this very special day, celebrate by learning a little more about the wide range of butterflies. Buy a Butterfly identification book, so you will know what butterflies inhabit your yard. Importantly, learn how to attract them to your yard. You can do this by planting flowers that they like.

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