False Teeth Day

False Teeth Day

Presumably begun by cynical and canny dentists on the hunt for extra work, False Teeth Day celebrates the replacement teeth which will never let you down, even if your real teeth have!

The first society known to have made dentures are a pre-Roman Italian people called the Etruscans. They used real teeth, whether human or animal, on a gold band and fitted them over the wearer’s existing teeth. Using real teeth, often taken from those killed in battle, was the only method of making dentures until science allowed artificial teeth to be made from materials such as plastic – a much more civilised method.

For most false teeth wearers, their replacement teeth allow them to continue to eat and drink as normal. However, the character Jaws, from the James Bond films, had metal false teeth which could bite through anything â?? a skill he used to great effect!

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