Check Your Batteries Day

Check Your Batteries Day

We all know that some days are silly or light-hearted, but there are others which serve an important purpose. Check Your Batteries Day is definitely highly recommended because it could actually save your life.

Created to raise awareness of the importance of testing and having working batteries in household appliances like smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices help to warn you of a potentially life threatening situation, giving you vital time to get yourself and your family to safety. However, it’s important they are tested (usually you can do this by pushing a button) regularly to ensure they’re working correctly. Check Your Batteries Day is a reminder to do just that.

While you’re in the routine of checking, it’s a good idea to check other household appliances, such as remote controls, toys, clocks and other electrical items. If you don’t have spare batteries on hand, consider buying some.

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