Organize Your Home Office Day

Organize Your Home Office Day

Home offices are more commonplace by the year, and today one in four American households have one. You don’t have to be self-employed or work from home to have a home office; it can be used simply for sorting through bills, finances, documents and all those other fun things that we love saving for a rainy day, and having a designated workspace can make everything run faster and smoother.

Still, as with the kitchen, lounge and pretty much every other room under the roof, the home office can become messy, dusty, cluttered, disorganised and, as a result of this combination, a hindrance to its very purpose. Organize Your Home Office Day counters this chaos by providing the motivation to throw away the trash and shred the unwanted paperwork; recycle those drinks cans and polish the desk; clean the windows, alphabetise your filing system, fill up your stationery reserves, and maybe even get a potted plant to help energise the room even further. You can even have fun while you do it: set yourself a time limit, put on your favourite album and see just how beautiful and work-conducive you can make that room in an hour or two!

And remember, the more organised your home office, the less time you’ll need to spend in there in the long run. What more incentive do you need?

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