Pound Cake Day

Pound Cake Day

It is said that pound cakes can be traced back to at least the beginning of the 18th century and to commemorate this sinfully delectable delight, Poundcake Day is now celebrated each and every year. Every year, countless thousands of those with a bit of a sweet tooth memorialise this delight by baking their own cake using ingredients of their choosing.

While the pound cake is perhaps one of the better-known pastries in many different cultures, very few are actually aware of where the name originated. In fact, this term is derived from the act of using one pound of butter, eggs, flour and sugar. It is said that this was done so that those who were unable to read would be able to memorise the recipe.

Thankfully, literacy rates have dramatically increased while our taste buds have remained just as loyal as they were centuries ago. It is for this reason that such a holiday proves to be quite popular amongst many cultures around the world.

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