Peach Blossom Day

Peach Blossom Day

Date When Celebrated : Always March 3

Peach Blossom Day is a day to celebrate peach blossoms, and for girls to celebrate being girls. Does that sound a little confusing or complicated? Read on.........

The attributes of peach blossoms include: pretty, delicate, dainty, and sweet smelling. These are all feminine traits. As a matter of fact, calling a young lady ""peach blossom"" is a term of endearment to some. Guys, give it a try and see if love blooms. (We think it will!)

The roots of Peach Blossom Day also trace directly back to Japan. A Doll Festival is held in Japan every year on March 3rd. This is also when peach trees bloom in Japan. Simply said, it's an opportunity for girls to celebrate being girls.

Now, put these threads of information together, and you have a celebration of sweet and lovely girls... our wonderful peach blossoms!

Note: There is a Peach Blossom Festival in Hunan China on March 3rd. It coincides with the annual blossoms opening on peach trees in Hunan province.  

If there are girls in your family, celebrate them by giving them dolls and peach blossoms.  

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