Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day. What’s it about? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory, really. It’s about old stuff.

It’s a day to be nostalgic: Find some old photographs, trinkets and toys, then share happy memories with friends and family over a coffee.

It’s a day to appreciate the vintage: Visit a junk shop or antique store and find yourself something interesting, be it a gramophone, a paisley hat or an original Han Solo action figure still in its original packaging (good luck with that last one).

It’s a day to declutter: Sort through all of the old stuff in your home. Do you still need it all? If there’s something you can get rid of, don’t just throw it in the junk; it could make a thoughtful gift, or at the very least you could help a charity store by donating it to them.

It’s a day to learn: The History Channel. Wikipedia. Genealogy. Family stories. Public libraries. Books, books and more books! There’s so much to discover, so best get started!

Most importantly, it’s a day to reflect: We are the present, but our kids are the future, and as they grow it’s our world that will be considered old. CDs and DVDs will certainly become old stuff, and perhaps printed newspapers will too, what with recent developments in glass technologies. But you never know what other everyday objects will eventually become antiquated; perhaps one day the computer will seem outdated and cumbersome as humankind connects via some kind of thought-based WiFi. It’s amazing how quickly science fiction becomes reality, so let’s appreciate the old stuff before we join its ranks!

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