Cornchip Day

Cornchip Day

Corn chips are a snack food made by frying or baking cornmeal into bite-sized pieces, sold in a bag and eaten either alone or with a dip. Though itâ??s origins are unclear, Corn Chip Day celebrates this popular snack and the many ways of enjoying it.

The origin of corn chips dates back to 1932. The story goes that C.E. â??Elmerâ? Doolin bought a bag of fried corn chips and enjoyed them so much he pawned his motherâ??s wedding ring (with her permission, one assumesâ?¦) to purchase the manufacturer and the recipe. He started selling them from his car and now the company he founded is the largest manufacturer of corn chips in the USA.

To celebrate Corn Chip Day, why not eat a bag of corn chips with some dips, such as salsa or guacamole, or even with melted cheese? Itâ??s an ideal snack food.

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