Burns Night

Burns Night

25th of January is being commemorated as Burns Night. The night is celebrated with beautiful cuisines and special dishes commemorating on behalf of the Scottish poet Robert Burnsâ?? great contribution to the English literature. Actually Burns Night is celebrated in Burns Clubs, Scottish Societies and expatriate Scots. However, it is now celebrated worldwide with many special cuisines remembering the great Scottish poet.

The supper is the main attraction for celebrating Burns Night. There are lots of traditional touches to make a Burns supper. You can make a Burns Night dish for formal or informal as per your pattern of celebration. There are many organizations, which host formal Burns Night diner. You can add haggis for your informal celebration of Burns Night. Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish. You have to have Scotch, whisky and the narration of Burns' poetry on this occasion for the celebration of Burns Night informally.

The Formal way of Burns Night Celebration:

The host has to offer the welcoming speech to all members who have gathered in the party. The event will be opened once the host explains clearly about the reason of celebrating the occasion.

The Event Continues:

After the introduction, grace will be said. It is a thanksgiving process made before meal. The original Selkirk Grace is given below:

    â??Some hae meat and canna eat,
    And some wad eat that want it;
    But we hae meat, and we can eat,
    And sae let the Lord be thankit.â?

Soup course will be taken as starter after grace is over to enter the real Burns Night. Potato Soup or Cock-a-Leekie is served in soup course.

Haggis enters:

Address to haggis is quite interesting. Haggis is a large dish. Everyone stands up when haggis enters. The host has to start giving honor to haggis before everyone eats it. However, he or she should be smart to make the time quite enjoyable. 

They have to sing a beautiful song on behalf of the haggis entrance to make the ceremony a beautiful one. When the song ends people have to have a whisky toast along with the haggis. Haggis is the main course of the meal and it is made of mashed potatoes and mashed neeps. However, there are many other items in this great ceremony including a dessert course, cheese courses and coffee, etc.

Fond Remembrance:

Robert Burns was a great Scottish poet. He wrote many beautiful poems in his time that enriched the English literature with his great lyrical verse. When the occasion will go on, anyone has to offer a speech on behalf of remembering the great poet.


The host has to support the person who has given his speech expressing about the poetâ??s contribution to the English literature.

Toast to the Lassies:

This is also a process of offering thanks to those women who have made toast to the Lassies. This is actually done by males.

Support to Toast to the Lassies:

A woman has to say a complement in support of the maleâ??s appreciation to toast to the Lassies.

Other Processes:

There are many other processes of toast to the Lassies for thanksgiving. This is a vise-versa process as mentioned above.

Remembering the Works of Burns:

Experts have to take initiatives for this process. They have to say a few words about the works of Robert Burns. They have to point out some important verses of Burns to make this is an unforgettable occasion.

Vote of thanks:

Burns Night will end when vote of thanks will be offered in a proper manner. The host has to act a lot to make the ceremony a grand success.

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