Compliment Day

Compliment Day

When : Always January 24th

How nice of you to visit our site today. I can see by your choice of websites, that you are an intelligent person. You are a kind and inquisitive person. I love the way you......

Yes, its Compliment Day. Today is a great opportunity to say something positive about the people you come into contact with. Everyone has good attributes. ...that's right....... everyone.

  • Its a cinch to find compliments for family and loved ones, even for your Mother-in-Law. (Tip: She's probably a good cook.)

  • Friends are friends because you see something good about them. Here's an easy compliment to a friend: ""Wow, you're very choose your friends wisely"".

  • It's more challenging to compliment your boss, or people you don't like. Take up the challenge, and find a compliment for them today, too.

Remember: Mama said  ""If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything"". After a long search for something good, if you just can't find a compliment for them, then silence is golden.

Compliment Day is celebrated by offering sincere compliments to people you know. It is important that you are sincere. People will see right through insincerity, and you will do more harm than good.

How many compliments should you give out today? The common suggestion is five compliments. Yes, they should be to five different people.  

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