Thesaurus Day

Thesaurus Day

If you look carefully, there is always a reason to celebrate each day of the year. Do an extensive study and you will find out that each day of the year is special, - Awkward Moments Day to Zip Code Day, there is a day dedicated to almost everything under the earth.

Thesaurus Day is one significant day picked up from the bunch of those days. It is celebrated every year on January 18th, which is the birthday of the author of Roget's Thesaurus, Peter Roget. Peter Roget was born on January 18th in 1779.

Thesaurus Day is about appreciating and celebrating Thesaurus and the impact of it on our lives.

However, there is no recorded origin date of the Thesaurus Day and the name of the originator. However, it may be one of those millions of fans of Thesaurus. There are also speculations that the day was first observed by the book company that publishes this handy reference guide.

Facts about Thesaurus

Thesaurus is the ultimate reference book and invaluable to students and writers given the fact that they always need to consult it to make their literary work improved. The book lists the synonyms (words with similar meaning) for words. Repeating the same words over and over again in a given piece spoils the literary artistry of it. So you can search for the synonyms of the words to avoid repetition in writing and speeches. Thesaurus also helps us to find antonyms, that is, words with opposite meanings.

Some more facts

Rogetâ??s Thesaurus is known to have been compiled in 1805. It was published on 29 April 1852. The original edition was comprised of 15,000 words but it became larger with each edition. The original manuscript is still there preserved at the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum.

If we delve deep into the word ""thesaurus"", we can find that the word has been derived from the Latin thesaurus, which is the romanization of Greek Î¸Î·Ï?αÏ?ρÏ?Ï? (thÄ?sauros). The word literally means ""treasure store."" However, a thesaurus should not be considered as a complete list that has all the synonyms under the earth for a particular word. It should also be noted that a thesaurus is not a dictionary and it does not explain the meanings of the words.

The forewords of Dr. Roget in his Thesaurus were:

â??It is now nearly fifty years since I first projected a system of verbal classification similar to that on which the present work is founded. Conceiving that such a compilation might help to supply my own deficiencies, I had, in the year 1805, completed a classed catalogue of words on a small scale, but on the same principle, and nearly in the same form, as the Thesaurus now published.â? 

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