Peach Melba Day

Peach Melba Day

A person has just got to love a ripe, juicy peach! What better way to celebrate one aspect of this lovely fruit than with Peach Melba Day?

The classic dessert Peach Melba was created for and named after the very slim opera singer Nellie Melba. Here’s some food trivia: when Nellie gained weight later in life, the same chef that created Peach Melba created a thin, low-calorie toast for her breakfast – enter Melba Toast!

Peach Melba is sliced, fresh peaches in a raspberry sauce sweetened with icing sugar (also called melba sauce); and is usually served with vanilla ice cream. A noteworthy and delicious pudding – well worth singing its praises on Peach Melba Day, even though not an opera singer!

Making this dessert is oh, so easy. It just needs to steep in the fridge for a few hours to achieve its maximum flavour. So go on, enjoy this peach of a day with some melba sauce and peaches!

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