Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Bittersweet Chocolate Day

The history of Bittersweet Chocolate Day is shrouded in the froth of a hot drink. That is to say no one should spend too long thinking about the history of chocolate; it was made for eating.

Bittersweet chocolate is dark chocolate that is sweetened with cane sugar. It may have a touch of vanilla, but never milk. It is thought to have come about because the bitter taste of chocolate didn’t suit the European taste palette.

The word chocolate is derived from “xocol?tl” an Aztec word which means “bitter water”. Chocolate itself is derived from the hot frothy drink brought to Europe from the Aztecs. It took about 200 years to figure out how to solidify it and for the first chocolate ‘bar’ to be created around 1839.

So take a moment to give bittersweet chocolate a try, but remember not to spend too long thinking of its history.

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