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Bathtub Party Day

BATHTUB PARTY DAY – December 5 | National Day Calendar
Bathtub Party Day is observed annually on December 5. Bathtub Party Day was created as a way to skip the ordinary, everyday shower and to luxuriate in the ...
Bathtub Party Day - 5th Dec, 2017 | Days Of The Year
They're the folks behind Bathtub Party Day and they've even copyrighted it. We're not quite sure what year the first Bathtub Party Day was celebrated but we ...
Bathtub Party Day - Wellcat.com
Dec 5, Bathtub Party Day -- Almost everyone nowadays takes showers, so here's a day to recall some of the luxury of days gone by. Invite a few friends.
Bathtub Party Day
Most people today don't have time for a leisurely bath. We barely have time for a quick shower! Well December 5th is different. "Bathtub Party Day" is a time to ...
How to Throw Yourself a Proper Bathtub Party - xoJane
Dec 4, 2015 - How to Throw Yourself a Proper Bathtub Party. Saturday is National Bathtub Party Day! Finally, a festivus for the most stressed of us.
10 Magical Ways To Celebrate National Bathtub Party Day | Empty ...
Dec 5, 2014 - Did you know December 5 is National Bathtub Party Day? You do now. This glorious holiday was created (and copyrighted) by WellCat.com ...

Repeal Day

Repeal Day is December Fifth
The official website of Repeal Day, which celebrates the repeal of Prohibition on December 5, 1933.
Repeal of Prohibition in the United States - Wikipedia
The repeal of Prohibition in the United States was accomplished with the passage of the ..... Repeal Day is December Fifth; See more related images by selecting the "Alcohol" subject at the Persuasive Cartography, The PJ Mode Collection, ...
Prohibition ends - Dec 05, 1933 - HISTORY.com
On this day in History, Prohibition ends on Dec 05, 1933. ... The 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified, repealing the 18th Amendment and bringing ...
Repeal Day - 5th Dec, 2017 | Days Of The Year
If you like a drink, then Repeal Day is all about you. On the 5th of December, it's time to raise a glass to all things cocktails, beer and spirit, and...
9 Cocktails to Celebrate Repeal Day - Liquor.com
Nov 26, 2013 - December 5 marks the 80th anniversary of Prohibition's repeal. Celebrate with popular cocktails from each of the past decades of legal drinking ...
Repeal Day - Punchbowl
Learn more about Repeal Day celebrated on December 5.

International Ninja Day

International Ninja Day - 5th Dec, 2017 | Days Of The Year
Espionage, Assassination, Guerrilla warfare, and sabotage, these are the skills of the ninja. Clad in their signature black, they appear from the depths of the night ...
INTERNATIONAL NINJA DAY – December 5 | National Day Calendar
HISTORY International Ninja Day was created in 2003 by Ninja Burger as a way to celebrate… ... International Ninja Day is observed annually on December 5.
You WILL experience the Day of the Ninja -- December 5
Special Note: There are several other websites and movements out there calling this "International Creep Like a Ninja Day" or "Sneak Like a Ninja Day".
Happy International Ninja Day! - Geek.com
Dec 5, 2016 - Happy International Ninja Day! A time to celebrate the stealthy and wondrous history of the great warriors of China and Japan. Sure many ...
Ninja Burger - Wikipedia
Jump to Day of the Ninja - On this day, people are encouraged to dress as ninja, engage in ... counterpoint to International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
international day of the Ninja - national-awareness-days.com
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