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No Socks Day

No Socks Day - 8th May, 2017 | Days Of The Year
May 8, 2017 - Forget those Birkenstock and sock wearing fools of the Pacific Northwest, No Socks Day is your chance to let your feet fly free and your toes ...
No Socks Day is May 8 at Holiday Insights
No Socks Day is May 8. Free your toes from the confines of socks and stockings.
No Socks Day - Wellcat.com
May 8, No Socks Day -- If we give up wearing socks for one day, it will mean a little less laundry, thereby contributing to the betterment of the environment.
No Socks Day 2017 - May 08, 2017 - Cute Calendar
May 8, 2017 - No Socks Day takes place on May 08, 2017. The day is a chance to free your feets from socks and stockings and to give ...
No Socks Day | Old Farmer's Almanac
No Socks Day. Share: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Email PrintFriendly · May 8: No Socks Day. You are here. Calendar. General. About Us · Contact Us ...
No Socks Day | Holidailys Holidays: Every day of the year is a holiday
May 8, 2016 - If you're looking for a “feat” of the day, look no further. Alert the presses – a special day is here and people across the nation are ready to ...

Iris Day

Iris Day - 8th May, 2017 | Days Of The Year
May 8, 2017 - Let's sit back and smell the Irises, my friends, because they are, at least in some respects, head and shoulder over that dusty, old, bygone, the ...
May 8 th Iris Day at Holiday Insights
Iris Day, May 8 celebrates these beautiful and attractive late spring bloomers.
Iris Day - Facts and Meanings about Irises - Calyx Flowers
May 1, 2017 - For Iris Day, learn some fun facts and meanings about irises. Celebrate this popular garden flower that is so prevalent in art, culture and ...
Iris Day | May 8 | KeepIn Calendar
Iris Day celebrates the state flower of Tennessee, symbol of Brussels, and flower for 25th wedding anniversary. Irises come in rainbow of colors such as blue, ...
Iris Day | Holiday | Checkiday.com
Iris Day is observed next on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018. It has always been observed annually on May 8th.
Iris Day 2017 - May 08, 2017 - Cute Calendar
Iris Day is observed on May 08, 2017. The celebration of Iris Day might have Japanese roots because this flower has spiritual meaning in Japan. ...